Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Prep Time: 10 mins |Servings: 4| Cooking :15 mins
2 tbsp sesame oil (or olive oil), divided
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar, divided
2 tsps ground ginger

  1. Heat ½ tbsp of olive oil in a wok or large sauté pan over medium heat.
    Add the cubed chicken and cook until lightly browned and cooked
    through (about 5 to 7 mins). Transfer chicken to a bowl, cover, and set
  2. Add 1½ tbsp of olive oil to the pan, along with the garlic and carrots.
    Cook until the carrots begin to soften (about 3 to 4 mins). Add the
    thawed broccoli florets and water chestnuts along with 1 tbsp of
    balsamic vinegar and cook for 3 to 4 mins
  3. Add the remaining balsamic vinegar and ground ginger. Add the cooked
    chicken and stir until well combined
    Calories 189, Fat 9g, Carbs 12g, Fiber 3g, Protein 14g

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